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Behind the Sheep of Angoria Hotel

“Angoria Hotel” is inspired by the angora goat, which played an important role in the history and development of San Angelo and West Texas at large. Angoria Hotel aims to showcase San Angelo’s past and compliment the city’s future. The addition of the “i” to angora represents this intention -tipping our hats to the angora goats, and the mohair/wool industries that helped make the city what it is today.

The lounge at Angoria Hotel boasts refined finished and luxurious seating while highlighting San Angelo’s industrial history and the city's spectacular art displays.

Our charming hotel was carefully designed in every way. From its chic artist vibe to the privacy it offers, we aimed to create a West Texas gem for locals and visitors alike. Our hotel rooms are named after important historical figures and events: Santa Angela, Nancy Love, Goodfellow Kings, Queens of the Concho, and Santa Rita Queens. You can learn more about each of these rooms in our Accommodations section.

Lobby at Angoria Hotel

San Angelo’s Roots & Future

Historically, West Texas and specifically San Angelo was the largest exporter of mohair, which is a soft, luxurious wool that comes from the Angora goat. The town was built on this legacy, and it’s evidenced in sheep statues outside of many businesses all around town. The Sheep Spectacular is a city art project with sheep statues designed by local artists and sponsored by participating local businesses. 

San Angelo would have remained just another sleepy small town in Texas, but the intersection of three branches of the Concho River made it stand out. The diverse ecosystem was paradise to those exploring an otherwise arid West Texas.

When Fort Concho closed, the railroad lines saved the day and made the city a perfect place for the wool industry to boom. And boom it did! San Angelo became the center of all wool trade in Texas by 1900. San Angelo’s adaptable economy has always shifted when collapse seemed inevitable - and it's not just shifted, but skyrocketed to what it is today.

It’s easy to feel the buzz of excitement and growth in the air as San Angelo embraces its future. The revitalized downtown area is replete with historical renovations and new developments - such as the huge expansion of Shannon Medical Center. In 2021 the city was designated The Visual Arts Capital of Texas, an honor that reflects San Angelo’s identity expressed through a diverse array of murals, art displays, galleries, and events. We are excited to be a part of this exciting future and to be immersed in the culture of downtown San Angelo.

Bar and cafe at Angoria Hotel

Experience Texas, Art, and Diversity

Immerse yourself in cowboy culture at the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo, see the International Waterlily Collection, and join us for festivals featuring local art, food, wine, music and dancing. Learn about San Angelo’s history through murals and museums, explore the West Texas outdoors, and walk the Concho River.

Discover San Angelo while enjoying the exquisite accommodations of Angoria Hotel.

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