Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

At Angoria Hotel, we value your privacy and want you to feel confident in how we handle your personal information. This Policy outlines how we collect, use, and share your information as part of our commitment to providing you with an exceptional guest experience.

Our goal is to protect your privacy while enhancing your interactions with Angoria. We collect and use your personal information solely for the purpose of delivering the best possible service to you.

As our valued guest or someone we engage with, you acknowledge and consent to the collection, use, and sharing of your personal information as described in this Policy.

If you provide us with personal information about another individual, please ensure they are aware of this Policy and how we may use their information. It's important that they read and understand this Policy, and you may consider providing them with a copy for reference.

2. The Application of this Policy

This Policy comes into effect whenever you engage with Angoria, whether it's through our websites, such as and our booking platforms - (collectively, “Websites”), or through direct interactions like visiting us at Angoria Hotel. It also extends to communications made via phone, text, direct message, social media, or similar channels. Additionally, this Policy covers any personal information about you that we receive from third parties, unless it is explicitly governed by their own privacy policy.

3. Information We May Collect

In this Policy, "Personal Information" refers to any data (in any form, whether in paper or electronic form), that can identify, relate to, describe, or be reasonably linked to you or your household. Our collection and processing of your Personal Information are aimed at enhancing your experience when you engage with us.

The specific information we gather may differ based on how you choose to interact with us. Here are the categories of Personal Information we may collect:

  • Contact and Identification Information. We might gather details like your name, contact information (such as phone number(s), address, or email), professional title, employer or professional affiliations, as well as passport and visa information, along with details from other government-issued IDs;
  • Account Information and Marketing Preferences. We might ask for your account details and credentials related to any Angoria frequent guest program or travel partner program you participate in. Additionally, we may gather information about your marketing preferences;
  • Stay and Purchase Information. We might gather details like your dates of arrival and departure, the goods and services you purchased or used at Angoria or on our website, your usage of physical and digital room codes, any special requests you made, telephone numbers you dialed, calls or messages you received, as well as any feedback or content you share about your stay. Additionally, we may collect information through closed-circuit security systems, Internet systems (including wired or wireless networks, smart or mobile devices, or your location), and other security and technology systems;
  • Device, Internet & Network Activity.
    We automatically collect your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address each time you interact with us online. Additionally, if your devices connect to our wireless networks, we may gather information from them. We may track how you use Wi-Fi networks and other services, including the websites you visit while using our Wi-Fi. We may utilize cookies and similar technologies to understand how you engage with our Websites, Applications, and online content. This can include recording the date and time of your visit, the pages you view, the duration of each visit, your browser type, device details, search terms, and the URLs of websites visited before and after ours. We may also monitor user sessions. When you access our mobile website version, we collect your device information, including its unique identifier, mobile network details, and browser type. Additionally, we may embed technologies like web beacons in the emails we send you to understand your interactions with our messages. For details on how Angoria uses cookies and related technologies, and instructions on disabling them, please refer to Section 7.2 below;
  • Payment and Credit Information. We may gather credit card and other payment details from you. In certain instances, we may also collect information related to customer credit;
  • Location Information. We may automatically gather information about your precise location when you use the Website, as allowed by applicable law. Additionally, we may collect general location details using your IP address and postal code;
  • Demographic Information. We may gather demographic details, including but not limited to your gender, nationality, age, and birthdate, as well as place of birth;
  • Biometric, Health-related or other Sensitive Personal Information. We may collect Sensitive Personal Information, such as health-related or religious details, if you provide them to us for special requests. For instance, this could include accommodations or services needed for health or religious reasons;
  • Audio and Visual Information. We may keep recordings of our customer service calls and security footage of our premises, potentially including your voice and/or image; and
  • Preferences and Inferences. We may gather your preferences or make estimations about you, reflecting what we perceive to be your preferences, characteristics, and inclinations, based on other Personal Information we possess.

There may be cases where the Personal Information you share with us or that we collect falls under the category of “Sensitive Personal Information”, as defined by privacy laws in certain territories/countries. Sensitive Personal Information can include details such as racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious beliefs, membership in groups or associations, health status, medical treatment, genetic data, biometric information, and sexual orientation. In rare instances, financial records, credit card information, and location data may also be considered Sensitive Personal Information, depending on your location. If we need your consent to process your Sensitive Personal Information, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. We only handle Sensitive Personal Information in compliance with applicable law, such as tailoring our services to accommodate food allergies or medical conditions or processing card payments. We take extensive measures to safeguard this information, as outlined in our security standards below.

By consenting to this Policy, you're giving your express and written permission, as required and allowed by your local laws, for Angoria to process any Personal Information you provide that is considered Sensitive Personal Information or financial information (unless separate consent is required in some jurisdictions). You're not obligated to provide Angoria with any Sensitive Personal Information, except where required by law. Not providing such information won't hinder your ability to purchase products or services from Angoria, except in places where credit card details may be considered Sensitive Personal Information.

4. How We Collect Your Personal Information

We collect the above-referenced Personal Information from the following categories or sources:

  • Directly from you. Much of the information we process comes directly from you or someone acting on your behalf. For example, when you book a reservation, contact customer service, use our Wi-Fi, or communicate with us through various channels like email, text, or chat.
  • From your devices and our networks. We use cookies and similar technologies to passively gather Personal Information from your devices when you interact with our Website, emails, or other online content. Additionally, we may collect information when your device connects to, or is detected by our wireless networks.
  • From other businesses or individuals. We collaborate with business partners, marketing entities, and social media platforms that provide us with Personal Information they have collected directly or indirectly from you. We may also receive information from individuals acting on your behalf, such as travel agents or employers who book travel for you, as well as from travel providers such as airlines or third-party card or loyalty programs. Additionally, we may offer authentication methods based on your device or operating system which will notify us as to whether the authentication was successful.
  • From social media. If you engage with our social media pages, we may receive Personal Information such as Contact and Identification Information, Stay and Purchase Information, Internet and Network Activity, and other Personal Information contained in your social media posts or profile.

5. How We Use Your Information

Subject to applicable laws, we may collect, use, and disclose your Personal Information in order to:

  • provide, charge for, and manage hotel accommodation and other services;
  • offer customer support and enhance service levels at Angoria, on the Website, through frequent guest programs, third-party applications, or future Angoria products/services;
  • enable us to evaluate, analyze, and enhance the functionality of our Websites, Applications, and services;
  • facilitate concierge services on your behalf (e.g., restaurant, attraction and transportation transactions);
  • administer loyalty, travel, or discount programs and the Angoria frequent guest program;
  • administer contests, sweepstakes, or other promotions;
  • fulfill contractual obligations to you, anyone involved in the process of making your travel arrangements (e.g., travel agents, group travel organizers, or your employer) and vendors (e.g., credit card companies, airline operators, and third-party loyalty, travel, or discount programs);
  • conduct market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and quality assurance checks;
  • run marketing and sales promotions, and serve targeted advertising for products, services, events, or promotions, including those of other parties, where permitted by law;
  • provide for the safety and security of staff, guests, visitors, and others;
  • prevent, detect, and investigate fraud, cyber incidents, or other illegal or harmful activity;
  • communicate important updates or changes regarding our relationship, such as updates to this Policy or other legal/business changes;
  • maintain general record-keeping;
  • meet legal and regulatory requirements, as well as compliance obligations;
  • test and evaluate new products and services;
  • process credit applications;
  • fulfill other purposes disclosed to you in accordance with applicable law or with your consent; and
  • use certain pieces of Personal Information to verify your identity if you make requests regarding your Personal Information pursuant to this Policy. The verification steps and the pieces of Personal Information that we request may vary depending on the sensitivity and nature of your request.

Angoria utilizes and stores your Personal Information for the duration required to fulfill its processing purpose, aligning with legal obligations and risk management protocols. Once the requisite retention period expires, Angoria will appropriately dispose of your Personal Information in accordance with our established policies and procedures.

There are Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in operation within and around our hotels and other premises (none within the hotel rooms), which may be used for the following purposes:

  • to assist in protecting the health and safety of Angoria guests and staff;
  • to assist in managing and protecting Angoria's property and the property of Angoria's staff,
  • guests, and other visitors; and
  • for quality assurance purposes.

5.1. Basis of Processing

When we handle your Personal Information as a guest or in the course of business dealings, we process it based on one or more of the following legal grounds, depending on the circumstances: (i) our legitimate interests (as outlined above), (ii) because of legal obligations we are bound by, (iii) because of the necessity of the information to fulfill contractual obligations, either to you, to parties involved in your travel arrangements (such as travel agents, group organizers, or your employer), and/or to vendors (like credit card companies, airlines, or third-party loyalty programs), or (iv) with your consent.

6. Disclosures of your Personal Information

Occasionally, we may share your Personal Information, always ensuring compliance with applicable laws. In certain jurisdictions, data privacy regulations may mandate obtaining your consent before disclosing your information to third parties. By consenting to this Policy, you grant your consent, as required and allowed by local laws, for the transfer of your Personal Information to such third parties. This transfer is for the purposes and to the extent outlined in this section and as detailed in Section 5 above, except where separate consent is required in some jurisdictions.

6.1. On-Property Companies

We might share your Personal Information with companies and organizations that operate and oversee the food and beverage sector at Angoria. This allows them to deliver their services to you during your stay or visit.

6.2. Business Transfers

As our business evolves, we may sell hotels and other assets or cease managing Angoria. In such cases, any Personal Information collected about you or control of that information may be included as a business asset in the transfer. Additionally, if we, or a significant portion of our assets, are acquired, your Personal Information or control of it may be among the transferred assets.

Likewise, we may disclose your Personal Information to a third party that we acquire to facilitate mergers and acquisitions of our business, in line with the purposes outlined in Section 5 above.

6.3. Legal Requirements

In compliance with applicable laws, we retain the right to disclose any Personal Information we possess about you if compelled by a court of law or lawfully requested by a governmental entity. We may also disclose such information if we deem it necessary to comply with the law or to safeguard our rights or property, as permitted by applicable laws. Furthermore, we reserve the right to retain and process Personal Information collected to adhere to accounting and tax regulations, as well as any specific record retention laws.

7. Interacting with Us Online

If you engage with us online, you might find the following information useful:

7.1. You Can Browse Without Revealing Who You Are

You have the option to visit our websites without the need to log in or disclose your identity.

7.2. Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

We and other entities utilize cookies, pixels, beacons, and similar technologies on our Websites, applications, and email and marketing communications. These tools are used to enhance our products and services, as well as for marketing purposes. They also enable us, along with advertising networks, social media platforms, and other providers, to display advertisements and tailored content.

Certain websites under our purview offer the option to manage cookie preferences through a Cookie Center link, typically located in the footer. Additionally, you can opt out of specific uses of cookies for advertising by visiting Consult your Internet browser's user instructions for additional controls related to cookie usage, such as blocking certain cookies by adjusting settings. Your cookie preferences are specific to each website, device, and browser, and are cleared when you delete cookies or your browser's cache. Therefore, you'll need to adjust preferences on each website, device, and browser separately. Blocking cookies may limit access to certain features of our websites, including customization options associated with user profiles.

For more information on cookies and related technologies, visit

7.3. Social Media

Our websites may include plug-ins and features that incorporate third-party social media platforms. You have the option to activate these manually. By doing so, the operators of these platforms may identify you and gather information on how you utilize our website. They may also link and store this data with your social media profile. We advise reviewing the data protection policies of these social media platforms to comprehend how they handle your personal information. Activating these plug-ins and features is at your own discretion and risk.

7.4. Links to Other Websites

When you visit our Website and click on an external link, you might be directed to websites managed by third parties with whom we've contracted to provide services. It's essential to check the location bar in your browser to confirm if you've been redirected to a different website. Our responsibility, as outlined in this Policy, is limited to our own information collection practices. We cannot guarantee the information collection practices or privacy policies of other websites maintained by third parties or our service providers, where you directly submit your Personal Information. Furthermore, we cannot ensure the accuracy of the content on websites maintained by these third parties or our service providers, even if accessed through a link from our website. We recommend reviewing the privacy and security policies of any external websites before providing any Personal Information while accessing those sites.

7.5. Security

Safeguarding the security of your Personal Information is a priority for us. To achieve this, we utilize Transport Layer Security (“TLS”) software to encrypt the Personal Information you provide. When TLS is in use, your online transmission of Personal Information becomes encrypted. You can confirm this encryption by observing a closed lock or solid key symbol in your browser address bar. Additionally, ensure that the web address prefix changes from "http" to "https" to indicate TLS encryption.

The Personal Information collected from you online is stored on databases protected by a combination of physical and electronic access controls, firewall technology, and other reasonable security measures, both by us and our service providers. Despite these precautions, it's important to note that security measures cannot entirely prevent all loss, misuse, or alteration of Personal Information. Consequently, we disclaim responsibility for any damages or liabilities resulting from such incidents to the fullest extent permitted by law. If required by law, we will notify you of any loss, misuse, or alteration of Personal Information that may affect you, allowing you to take appropriate measures to protect your rights.

7.6. Minor Children

Our Websites do not offer products or services for sale to children, and we do not intentionally solicit or gather Personal Information from minors. You may only utilize the Site if you are at least eighteen (18) years old and capable of entering into legally binding contracts under applicable law. The Site is not designed for, nor should it be used by, minors. If you are under eighteen (18) years of age or unable to enter into legally binding contracts under applicable law, please contact the hotel directly for assistance.

8. Choice

You always have choices regarding the Personal Information you share with us. However, opting not to provide certain details may affect your experiences with us (e.g., we need a name to make a reservation).

If you provide your contact details (e.g., postal address, email, phone), we may contact you about products, services, promotions, and events we believe you may be interested in, where permitted by law. We may also share your information with carefully-selected third parties who may contact you directly, as permitted by law. In some places, data privacy laws may require separate consent for this. You can choose to receive or opt out of these communications by contacting us as described in Section 12 below or following the "unsubscribe" instructions.

When joining our frequent guest program, we ask for your communication preferences and offer options for receiving offers and participating in surveys. You can change these preferences anytime.

In certain jurisdictions, data privacy laws may require separate consent before sending you unsolicited information. Your consent may be implied or expressly sought, depending on the circumstances and local regulations.

We respect requests not to receive direct marketing materials. Your contact details will be suppressed, not deleted, to ensure your request is recorded unless you provide later consent that overrides it.

9. Updating or Accessing Your Personal Information and Your Other Privacy Rights

With some limited exceptions, you can access and update your Personal Information. To inquire about your information, any shared data, or the consequences of exercising your rights, send a written request via mail or email to the addresses in Section 12 below. Please include your full name, address, telephone number, and a document proving your identity (e.g., ID card or passport) for verification.

Under applicable law, you may request anonymization, blocking, correction, deletion, or stopping/restricting processing of your Personal Information by sending a letter or email to the addresses in Section 12 below. If we agree the information is incorrect or processing should stop, we will delete or correct it. If we disagree, we'll explain and document your objection.

You can also withdraw consent, exercise your right to data portability, and request clarification on processing rules by sending a letter or email to the addresses in Section 12 below, depending on applicable law.

10. Local Privacy Rights

10.1. California Privacy Rights

If you reside in California, you may also make the following more specific requests with respect to your Personal Information in accordance with applicable law:

  • Access. You can request disclosure of categories of Personal Information collected, sources, sold or disclosed; purpose for collecting, selling, or sharing; categories of third parties with whom we share; specific pieces of Personal Information collected.
  • Deletion. You can request deletion of your Personal Information by contacting us as described in Section 12 below, subject to exceptions.
  • Correction. You can request correction of inaccurate Personal Information by contacting us as described in Section 12 below.
  • Opt-out of Sale or Sharing. You can request to opt out of sale or sharing by sending a written request by letter or email to the addresses set out in Section 12 below. Note that opting out of sale/sharing may not opt you out of tracking for behavioral advertising purposes. Adjust cookie preferences for each device, Website, and browser. "Sell" refers to various actions involving Personal Information for consideration, and "sharing" refers to disclosure for behavioral advertising purposes. Note that opting out doesn't affect tracking by Angoria and service providers. We do not knowingly sell or share Personal Information of minors under 16 years of age.

As is the case for all consumers regardless of residency, we will not discriminate against you because you exercised any of these rights.

California residents can exercise these rights by contacting us using the contact information provided in Section 12. We may deny or partially fulfill requests based on our legal rights and obligations, retaining Personal Information as permitted by law (e.g., for tax purposes or to maintain active accounts). We'll verify your identity before responding, with verification steps varying based on information sensitivity and account status.

California residents may authorize an agent to make requests on their behalf, provided the agent is identified as such and has necessary information for verification.

For California residents exercising these rights, please note how we collect, use, and disclose your Personal Information as described in this Policy, including the past 12 months:

  • We collect, disclose, and use various categories of Personal Information for business and commercial purposes, as outlined in applicable California law, including: Identifiers; California customer records (such as birthdate, contact information, and payment information);
  • characteristics of protected classifications under California or federal law (such as demographic information like age and gender); commercial information (such as booking history and preferences); biometric information; professional or employment information; education information; internet or other electronic network activity information; geolocation data; audio, electronic, or visual information; and inferences. See Section 3 above for more details.
  • We collect certain categories of Sensitive Personal Information, including: government identification information; biometric information; precise geolocation data; citizenship; and health-related data.
  • The above categories of Personal Information are collected and used for business and commercial purposes, as detailed in Section 5.
  • We gather these categories of Personal Information from the sources specified in Section 4.
  • We may disclose each of these categories of Personal Information for business and commercial purposes, as outlined in Section 5, to the extent permitted by applicable law, with parties described in Sections 6 and 7.
  • We may sell or share certain categories of Personal Information, including: identifiers; California customer records; demographic information; commercial information; Internet or other electronic network activity; geolocation data; and inferences. These categories may be sold or shared with parties described in Sections 6 and 7 for advertising, promotional, and other purposes outlined in Sections 5 and 7.

Periodically, we collect Personal Information for promotions, offers, programs, or discounts. Participation is voluntary and you can opt-out at any time by emailing us as detailed in Section 12.

California residents have the right to inquire once a year about Personal Information shared with third parties for direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, write to us using the contact details provided in Section 12, specifying you're a California resident making a "Shine the Light" inquiry.

10.2. Nevada Privacy Rights

If you are a resident of Nevada, you have the right to request that we do not "sell" your "covered information" as defined in applicable Nevada law. To make such a request, please email us using the contact details provided in Section 12 below, and include "Nevada Do Not Sell" in the subject line.

10.3. Virginia Privacy Rights

If you are a resident of Virginia, you have additional rights regarding your Personal Information as outlined in applicable laws and subject to applicable exceptions set forth in such applicable laws:

  • Access. You can request that we confirm if we process your Personal Information and obtain a copy of it by using the contact details provided in Section 12 below.
  • Deletion. You can request to delete your Personal Information by using the contact details provided in Section 12 below.
  • Correction. You can request to correct inaccurate Personal Information by using the contact details provided in Section 12 below.
  • Opt-Out of Targeted Advertising. You can request to stop targeted advertising by using the contact details provided in Section 12 below and updating your cookie preferences. You can also opt out of certain cookie uses for advertising at
  • Opt-Out of Sale. You can request to opt-out of the sale of your Personal Information by using the contact details provided in Section 12 below.

Virginia residents can exercise these rights by following the instructions above or by contacting us via email or phone using the contact information provided in Section 12.

Please note that we may deny certain requests or fulfill them only partially based on our legal rights and obligations. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your request, you have the right to submit an appeal by sending an email to with “Virginia Appeal” in the subject line.

We will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before responding to your requests. The verification process will depend on the sensitivity of the Personal Information and whether you have an existing account with us.

11. Changes to this Policy

As our business evolves, this Policy may undergo changes accordingly. You can find the effective date of this Policy at the end of the document to stay informed about any updates.
Request for Access to Personal Information/Questions or Complaints
If you have inquiries about this Policy, the processing of your data, or any concerns or complaints regarding its administration, or if you wish to exercise your rights regarding your Personal Information, as outlined in Section 9 above, please reach out to us using the provided contact options.

If you have any questions about this Policy, about the processing of your data described, or any concerns or complaints with regard to the administration of the Policy, or if you would like to submit a request (in the manner described in Section 9 above) to exercise your rights in relation to the Personal Information that we maintain about you, contact us by any of the following means:

  • by calling us at (325) 999-4373;
  • by mail at Angoria Hotel, Attn: Consumer Affairs, 402 W Beauregard Ave, San Angelo, TX 76903, United States; or
  • by contacting the front desk.

All requests for access to your Personal Information must be submitted in writing by letter or email. We may respond to your request by letter, email, telephone or any other suitable method.

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