Guide to Using Contactless Check-In

Welcome to our contactless check-in process!

We've streamlined our procedures to ensure a seamless and safe experience for our guests. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through our contactless check-in system:

Guest Verification Process

Finalize Your Booking

Upon booking, you were sent an email and a text message to finalize your booking. These messages contain a link to the Guest Verification process, which is mandatory to complete before gaining access to your room. You can use either the link from the text or the link from the email - they’re the same link.

Complete Verification

Click on the provided link to access the Guest Verification portal. Follow the prompts to verify your identity. This involves uploading a photo of your ID. If you encounter issues with photo acceptance, ensure your ID is placed on a flat surface with ample lighting and no glare before taking the photo.

Guest Gateway

Confirmation Email and Text

Once you've successfully completed the Guest Verification process, you'll receive another email and text containing a link to your Guest Gateway.

Accessing the Guest Gateway

Upon opening the Guest Gateway link, enter your last name as prompted. Your room number will be displayed at the top of the screen, along with a unique access code.

Accessing Your Room

To enter your room, simply type in the provided access code on the keypad outside your door. After entering the code, press the check mark icon located at the bottom left of the keypad. The door will unlock, allowing you to enter your room.

Guest Gateway Features

The Guest Gateway also serves as an information and communication hub. You can see a map of the hotel if you don’t know where your room is located. We encourage you to peruse through the Guest Gateway to learn about the Hotel, find events going on locally, gain access to WiFi, get details on commonly asked questions, and message the Front Desk. Please note that we typically reply during Front Desk operating hours, which are between 9 AM and 10 PM.


Additional Tips

Internet Connectivity

Ensure you have a stable internet connection throughout the check-in process to avoid any interruptions.

Keep Your Devices Charged

Make sure your smartphone or other devices are adequately charged to access the Guest Gateway.

Need Assistance?

Front Desk Hours

If you experience any issues during our operating hours (9 AM - 10 PM), please visit or call the front desk for assistance. Our phone number is (325) 999-4373, option 1 is Front Desk.

After-Hours Support

For assistance outside of our regular operating hours, please contact us at (325) 999-4373. Press option 5 to reach our dedicated after-hours support team.

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